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Bug Bounty

Attention #BREAKERS

Microsoft, Facebook, OWASP, Google and Paypal crowdsource their security with Bug Bounty programs, join the OWASP Foundation on a “community group hack” at AppSecUSA.

  • Leverage methodologies and tools from the OWASP Projects.
  • Meet fellow “hackers”
  • Win Cash and Kudos for being the first to uncover security issues in LIVE PRODUCTION WEBSITES

Details:  …


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OWASP Position open in Boston, MA

I have a Security Engineer position open in Boston, MA. If interested, contact me at 484 648 0871 or email:

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Workshop on Teaching Information Assurance through Case Studies and Hands-on Experiences

This workshop is intended to promote hands-on labs and case-studies in Information Assurance (IA) education to enhance student learning experience, and to foster collaboration among faculty in Information Assurance (IA) field.  Application and registration is free. To apply for the workshop, please email your name, affiliation and application to Xiaohong Yuan (, Li Yang (, and Bill Chu…


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Reverse Web Proxy



I am new to this. Hope you will be patient with me. I am an IT security officer at a Goverment department. I was asked to do reseach on  Reverse Web proxy technology


My question is:


Does a reverse-proxy appliance can protect against the OWASP to 10 application security risks. We use BlueCoat proxies.





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Secure Password Policies – Protecting Yourself (and Your Company) on the Web

Note: This is copied from my April 4th blog post at My posts are generally about Quality Assurance related issues.


In my last post, I mentioned that I was joining my local chapter of OWASP and would write about any interesting presentations. The first one that I attended…


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Testing Web Application Security

Note: This is copied from my March 30th blog post at My posts are generally about Quality Assurance related issues.

Testing Web Application Security


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OWASP Theme for Firefox

I created a basic OWASP persona (browser theme) for Firefox. Check it out here.



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Evolution of OWASP Foundation

OWASP Foundation has evolved in many ways since 2001.  Most recently OWASP Member Josh Sokol has experimented with NING and the creation of MY.OWASP.ORG


As we tweak and adjust this to retro-fit into the OWASP Community your feedback is key to the success.

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Demanding Secure Developers

Pulled for discussion from my blog at


Much like many other companies these days, National Instruments hires many of our developers straight out of school. Many times when engaging with these new hire developers, I will ask them what kind of security they learned at their university. In almost all cases I've found that the answer hasn't changed since I graduated back in 2002. Occassionally I'll get a developer… Continue

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