After liking the first unit I tried when they came out, I have installed a few more to cover all the entrances into the house.
The main problem at the moment is the sensor on the front door will not clear the low battery alert, indication on the app dashboard, and the Ooma Telo keeps reminding me the battery is low even after changing batteries twice. The info about these sensors states the batteries are supposed to last up to a year and a half.
That sounds great, but the batteries in that sensor lasted about two weeks. Anybody have any ideas about clearing the low battery alert? Is a complete unpairing and repairing the sensor needed to clear it?
I read others are also having the same issues with the sending unit sensors on two of my units getting pushed away from the mounting location causing a "tamper" alert. I've tried changing the tape that secures the sensor to whatever, cleaning the site with alcohol to no avail.
I'm sure a redesign with a somewhat softer spring tension to the part of the sensor that provides the tamper alert will ultimately fix that issue as it is the current spring pushing so hard separating the sensor from the tape.
The last issue I'm curious about are the random text alerts about the whole unit disconnecting and reconnecting from the Internet. An example is from Sunday, around 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm, I had three disconnects and reconnects alerts lasting two to five minutes. We were home and no apparent issues I could find. Anyone else?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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