Evolution of OWASP Foundation

OWASP Foundation has evolved in many ways since 2001.  Most recently OWASP Member Josh Sokol has experimented with NING and the creation of MY.OWASP.ORG


As we tweak and adjust this to retro-fit into the OWASP Community your feedback is key to the success.

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  • Since I come from the world of FOSS (free and open source software), I personally don't need any justification - the work and involvement is the reward :-) But I realize some folks look for a little more out of their dues to FSF, Linux Foundation, what have you, who aren't necessarily FOSS advocates but are getting their feet wet. Maybe I'm thinking about the same thing here - pulling in more members to OWASP who might not be part of the culture strictly speaking, but who would be good resources as paying members. Using FSF as an example, they have stickers, bulletins, occasional freebies and other cools techie resources only members get. What draws me in is an opportunity to meet people, contribute to documentation, and similar interactive benefits. Others really are there to watch and learn, to help through monetary means, and want at least a cool t-shirt out their dues :-)
  • That's a really interesting statement. So...what other resources would you like to see that would have helped to better justify the cost of a membership? Not sure if you know this, but you can get an GMail account too.
  • Thanks, Josh. I should also add that folks like me that have quietly taken advantage of OWASP for years without being paying members might be more inclined to cough up some minor cash to join with more emphasis on resources like this one and the promise of what increased membership dues means for the building of more such resources; and, yes, I finally am a paying member so I plan on doing my part, too :-)
  • Thanks for your feedback Christian. I have passed what you said along to the rest of the OWASP Board of Directors and Operations Team. I agree that it's a great tool that is being underutilized and would love to see more of an emphasis placed on making it a vibrant community of OWASPers!
  • I think featuring in news releases, documentation and Meetup invites would help get the word out. Overall the site is a great resource but the activity from a blog and overall update perspective is minimal. OWASP has potential to be a thriving and essential foundation and website resource to the Security community and can only benefit from more internal advertisement of its tools, projects and documentation.
  • For what it's worth, the Austin chapter has had a Ning site for at least 2-3 years now with measurable success.  When they transitioned to a paid site we lost some of the functionality and it hurt some of our progress, but with this new "All OWASP" Ning site we have that functionality back and so much more.  If anyone has suggestions for improvement, I'm all ears.
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