OWASP Austin Chapter Videos

2018-08-28: Deploying a Secure NodeJS app with Docker and Kubernetes (Brett Stewart)
2018-09-25: Scaling Your Cyber Security Threat Modeling (Pranoy De)
2018-07-31: Introduction to Electron Security (Marcus Carey)
2018-06-26: DevSecOps In the Year 2018 (Ernest Mueller and James Wickett)
2018-05-29 Trust: Designing Privacy, Consent, & Security into Your Products (Taylor McCaslin)
2018-04-24 Cloud Jacking (Bryan McAninch)
2018-03-27 Cryptocurrencies - More than just bubbles, money and Dogecoins (Arthur Kendrick)
2018-02-27 Results from our latest research on DevSecOps (Altaz Valani)