OWASP Videos

AppSecCali 2019 Lightning Talk - Endpoint Finder: A static analysis tool to find web endpoints
AppSecCali 2019 Lightning Talk - Creating Accessible Security Testing with ZAP
AppSecCali 2019 - Slack App Security: Securing your Workspaces from a Bot Uprising
AppSecCali 2019 - Browser fingerprints for a more secure web - Julien Sobrier & Ping Yan
AppSecCali 2019 - Offensive Threat Models Against the Supply Chain - Tony UcedaVelez
AppSecCali 2019 - The Call is Coming From Inside the House: Lessons in Securing Internal Apps
AppSecCali 2019 - How to Start a Cyber War: Lessons from Brussels-EU Cyber Warfare Exercises
AppSecCali 2019 - Pose a Threat: How Perceptual Analysis Helps Bug Hunters